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If your Pest Control business has past due customers, hire a collection agency today to get paid fast. The Pest Control industry is a very competitive business where you can find many competitors within a few miles radius. The last problem you want to deal with is past due customers but hiring a collection agency can help eliminate those headaches.

While the bulk of Pest Control companies past due accounts come from residential customers, it is not unheard of to also have commercial customers fall past due as well. Attempting to collect from a past due account can be frustrating without the proper tools and experience. While trying to collect on past due accounts at first may be seem logical, eventually it will become obvious that hiring a Pest Control collection agency is smart move.

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Why hire a collection agency?

If you have attempted to call the debtor or sent invoices but the payment has still not arrived, you are left with very few options. After a few failed attempts at collecting the debt, many business owners will just write of the debt as a loss and move on to gaining the next profitable customer.


The average pest control company does not have the resources to effectively collect on past due accounts. Collection agencies have the tools and resources to collect on a debt quickly. Debt collection agencies can skip trace the past due customers, using tools to help locate new phone numbers and addresses that your pest control may of never known about. By locating the debtor, the past due customer will realize that the debt is not going away and they need to pay the account in full quickly.

The collection agency will also be better equipped to secure the payment over the phone. Debt collectors negotiate past due payments over the phone every day. The collectors have the software to take payments quickly and make notes on the debtors account. All of this adds up to the debt collection agency having a much higher probability of collecting past due payments.

For example, a Computer Repair company may have no clue how to kill roaches in the office but a pest control company can handle this problem very easily. The same goes for debt collections!

Increase Productivity

By hiring a pest control debt collection agency, the business owner can also focus on the other day to day operations that make the business most profitable. Marketing, customer service, and managing field employee all helps grow the business which can all be done while the collection agency is working on collecting on the past due customers who owe the company money.

Allowing a collection agency to collect on the past due accounts is a smart business decision. Remember, any money collected is better than nothing. Collecting debt in the pest control industry can be challenging but by making the right hire, you will improve cash flow plus allow your employees to focus on task that will help grow your Pest Control business rather than attempting to collect on past due accounts.

The hours wasted on trying to google information about a past due customer who you can’t get on the phone could be spent on gaining a new customer who actually wants to pay you and values your services. The time spent calling a past due customer only to be given excuse after excuse as to why they cannot pay could be spent on the phone answering questions from a potential new client.

Allow an experienced pest control collection agency work on the past due accounts while you focus on the day to day task your employees excel at which allows your business to grow and thrive.

Avoid Legal Issues

Lastly, the collection industry is highly ligated and being familiar with the FDCPA is very important. The last thing you want is your Pest Control company facing a law suit because an employee broke the law attempting to collect a debt. By hiring a professional debt collection agency, you can sleep easy at night knowing you are represented by a company who is familiar with FDCPA and can collect debt effectively.

Cash Flow

Hiring a pest control debt collection agency could provide you with another edge over your competitors by reducing past due accounts and alleviating cash flow issues. If you have a few accounts past due that owe you a total of a several thousand dollars, you need that money collected as soon as possible. The longer you allow the past due accounts to go past due, the lower the odds are of collecting the debt.

Many collection agencies will collect the debt on what is called a contingency basis. Simply put, they get a percentage of all of the money they have collected. This eliminates the risk for your company as you are only paying for results. If the collection agency is unable to collect any payments, they get paid zero. This arrangement puts extra emphasize on results which will guaranteed the collection agency will work diligently to collect as much money as possible.

Hiring a collection agency may seem like a stressful task but it does not have to be with the help of We will connect you with a collection agency who has years of experience in collecting debt in the pest control industry who will give you a risk free quote and answer any questions and concerns you pay have.

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