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Why use CollectionAgencyMatch?

With our nationwide network of collection agencies, you will be matched with an agency that will bring results.

  • – Get instant risk-free quote
  • – Guaranteed licensed and bonded agencies
  • – Best recovery rates in the industry.

Benefits of hiring collection agency

While getting paid the money you are owed is important, they are many other benefits:

  • – Retain customer relationship
  • – Increased cash flow
  • – Implemented accounts receivable strategy

How debt collection works

Our agencies use proven collection tactics. This is what will happen when hiring a collection agency.

  • – Collection agency performs on contingency rate, meaning no upfront charges and payment is dependent on amount collected.
  • – Place past due customers with the collection agency.
  • – Collection agency works to collect payment
  • – Payment remitted to your business if payment is collected successfully.

Is your business collecting debt from individual consumers or other businesses?

Collect from individuals consumers only
Collect from businesses only
Collect from individual consumers and businesses

Roughly how much debt are you looking to collect?

$100,000 or more

Roughly how many accounts are you looking to collect from?

100 or more

On average, how long have the accounts been past due?

Less than two months
Two to six months
Six to 12 months
One year or more

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