Collection Agency Lead Program offers the best debt collection leads in the industry!

If you are tired of cold calling or working old stale leads, partner with today and grow your business!

Why partner with CollectionAgency

  1. Quality- Our leads are always from verifiable businesses who are seeking the help of a collection agency.
  2. Fresh- Our leads are typically delivered to your inbox within 20 minutes of when it comes across our desk.
  3. Profitable- Our leads are profitable, plain and simple. You will secure clients under terms that will be profitable for your collection agency offers a simple model for our collection agencies.

Every lead is sold to only ONE agency.

While other lead generation programs sell a lead to 5 other agencies, we only sell it to one. This allows the person seeking a collection agency to not be overwhelmed with receiving several phone calls within a matter of minutes. Furthermore, the collection agency can provide personalized customer service without high pressure sales tactics while still securing profitable terms with the new client.

If you are ready to grow your collection agency, is ready to help!

We can customize the leads based on which states you operate in, you will never receive a lead that you cannot work.

We are here to see you succeed; get in touch with us today to see how we can help you grow your business.